•   ico Name: Freddy IP:59.167.172.* 2014-5-11 12:33:00

    Was a little hesitant to use this site at first but everything worked out perfectly. Would definitely use again!

  •   ico Name: Jonathan IP:111.68.48.* 2014-5-8 10:47:51

    This is one of the best sites I've seen,this site has a big team to provide service to the customers and everything is good.

  •   ico Name: Emily IP:88.3.25.* 2014-5-1 21:03:18

    Keep business with GDP for about 10 years. Nice, honest, fast and fair service deserves my appreciation. Love you all forever.

  •   ico Name: Nicole IP:1.127.127.* 2014-4-28 11:01:05

    This has been the best place I have ever used to buy gold for WoW from. Decent pricing, clear information, fast transactions!

  •   ico Name: Charlotte IP:110.142.176.* 2014-4-22 10:50:07

    Fast Gold, I like this! But I get my gold in half an hour. I hope you guys can deliver faster and faster! Tcgvip is real a great site!

  •   ico Name: Jacobs IP:222.155.202.* 2014-4-15 15:19:38

    You guys are awsome,! smoothly delivery within 30 mins. I heard many guys said the delivery may take hours, but i got the gold in 30 mins, Thanks a lot!

  •   ico Name: Alexia IP:192.100.165.* 2014-4-10 10:53:39

    Speedy delivery! Didn't even take more than 30 minute after i logged in! Great service!

  •   ico Name: Lewis IP:58.106.37.* 2014-4-6 12:51:18

    Great service. when asked for help was very fast and efficient. whenever I need gold in future I will be back :)

  •   ico Name: Doyle IP:166.172.57.* 2014-3-27 23:29:23

    I ordered the Challenge Gold Mode. Was done exceptionally fast and the customer service I received from Sweet was really good, she kept me informed the whole time about where my order was at. Great service. Would use this company again. :)

  •   ico Name: Nathaniel IP:121.211.109.* 2014-3-23 22:25:06

    Always been the most professional and quickest levelers/gold sellers/honor farmers in the business. super fast and trustworthy awesome seller will definately buy again!

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