5 Tips You Must Know About Final Fantasy XIV

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  Lots of people hold the view that Final Fantasy XV is not a typical MMOG like other MMOG games. it seem reasonable because there are so many new ways of doing things that may throw you off your game. in order to give a insight into FFXV, Tcgvip show the 5 tips that you must know about this game here.

  1. Nothing is Unchangeable

  when you enter the game first, you need creat your intial character, but you should know that it will make more or less change dramatically along with time in the game. everything can change in this game, it may seem magical, but it's FFXV's feature, if you love the game, you will love it definitly.

  2. Do not Want to Use the Standard Keybinds

  There is no jump in the game, it may be different with many other similar games. so you should forget the standard keybinds and try to get used to it, there are two hand no the keys:WASD and IJKL.

  3.Ask More Question From Your Fellow Players

  There is litter documentation in FFXV, so you should prepared to ask question from your fellow players, it's quite important especially for the newbie. do not be shame, otherwise it will be difficult for you to play in the game.

  4.Do not Play to Much

  It's hard to imagine that you will get less and less even get penalized when you play to much. but it's true for FFXV. if you want to play the game, you should accpet this rule.

  5.There is No Auction House

  Unlike the traditional MMOG,there is no acution house in FFXV, so how to make trade in the game? hire a retainer from the local tavern and then set up your own vendor in the Market Wards.

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