5 Tips for Newbie to Begin with Tree of Savior

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  There are lots of good games to play, Tree of Savior is one of the best choice. it's a famous MMOROGs in Korean, which have also been popular all over the world. here Tcgvip will teach you what's the five tips for newbie to start with Tree of Savior.

  1. Chose the Right Team Name You had better make sure that you chose the right team name because all of your characters will share the same team name and it will made you feel more or less iffy to play your alt with a team name which doesn't suit for you.

  2. Make Clear that You Read the Tutorial Don't skip the tutorial even though it may make you feel boring. it's really worth to go through because it may definitely boost you up to level 7, that's important and worth to do that.

  3. Be Active in the Game Don't to be too passive, there are not less passive skills in the game, it's known as attributes and you should know whether these attributes level up or not. the best advice for you is to make the balance between the active and passive and it may make some difference for different professions.

  4. Always Keep Your Items There are a great deal of items in the Tree of Savior and the game encourages you to keep your items always in the game except that you have got much more the same one.

  5. Gems is NOT Everything in the Game There are four kinds of gems in the game: the circle gem (red), square gem (blue), star gem (yellow), and diamond gem (green), although the gems can be used to level the equipment up. it got limited. if you want to have a gem removed from your equipment, you’re going to have to go to the blacksmith. besides, gems have negative stat bonuses.

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