All About the Coerthas Central Highlands in FFXV

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  As we all know, Final Fantasy XV will release on Sep 30, here is the some detail about the Coerthas Central Highlands in FFXV, it is collected by Tcgvip, if you want to buy FFXV Gil, Tcgvip may one of you best choice.

  The Coerthas Central Highlands is a sonwy zone in the north of Aldenard, a small eastern section of the zone controlled by the Ixal. You can either go through North Shroud past the Fallgourd Float sanctuary, or you can head through Mor Dhona(which requires going through the entirety of Northern Thanalan and Mor Dhona, so it's not exactly recommended).

  The Coerthas Central Highlands will be a central area for the main story line after the level 38 in FFXIV, it's hard to say that this story line will exsit in FFXV as well. this area has PATEs spawn that range from level 35 to level 49 with a high level of consistency. however the level 50 fates Behold Now Behemoth and He Taketh It With His Eyes are not recommended for players under level 50. Although the FFXV has not released yet, lots of Final Fantasy fans are looking forward to this new game.

  Here are all the details about the Coerthas Central Highlands in FFXV, hope you like it.


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