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  "King of Delano 's " will introduce a number of improvements "World of Warcraft " New features and updates in many aspects , which naturally also includes PvP. We have to show us some plans for PvP , and in any development process, our plan will sometimes change with the development process in the BlizzCon.

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  On BlizzCon, we demonstrate a new Arena fighting mode , called Gladiator trials , this model is only open at certain times , and requires players to use a specific set of special equipment . The goal of this system is to focus on the high-end arena competition in a particular period of time , so that players can better pairing and opponents , but also to other acts Shuafen difficult.

  Although this system has many advantages , but in the end we agreed that community for its implementation of some concern. Players can not fight in the arena specified period of time will feel they have missed the opportunity , while the conventional arena battle because there is no level of incentives such as power and lose value. Because of these problems , we decided not to continue the development of Gladiator trials and instead invest our resources to allow players to find a more suitable for their PvP content up, we need to do the following :

  You may recall that just joined the practice match function when the arena . It ranked mode is almost no difference, but there is no ladder or rating system . But at that time , the extra practice game is very , very few players to use it , so the " earth fission " was removed. However, as more and more players came into contact with PvP, for a "low pressure" arena needs to let us think it is not race should be allowed to practice but also to return to the stage ...... it a makeover.

  In "King of Delano 's ", the practice game mode will return to become a non- ranked arena mode , and you will be able to participate alone or with friends 2v2 or 3v3 battles. In the practice session will reward you win honor points and a random reward , may be gold, more honor , a small amount of conquest points , or even something completely different . We think this is a good starting point not tried arena players , but also to more experienced players a chance to practice other talent or configuration , but do not worry affect their grades.

  Practice provides a relaxing PvP content , but we also want to improve the high-end confrontation. Event organizers often use some plug-ins to achieve " spectator mode " to organize the online game, but it is actually a very troublesome thing , we want to simplify this process, so that plug-in developers have more freedom , so that the community events will be better organization , better management and better broadcast.

  Our system allows spectators to invite event organizers invited the two teams battle in the war game mode , after the start of the race , race organizers ranks all players can watch these two teams battle. We also will be open to this feature plug-in developers , so they can develop tools for the event organizers to change the game 's appearance. Finally, we will provide the equipment race mode , game mode can only be used in the war , so event organizers to ensure that all players are on the starting line .

  We are very excited about these new features , they should be able to allow more players to have fun in PvP . Whether you want to race with the top players exchange blows , or relax and find some bloody fun , and we hope that these new features can make your heart PvPer find safe refuge .

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