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  Blizzard after another to release the information about the King of the World of Warcraft 6.0 Delano piece of related changes , such information can not be broken composed of a complete picture. World of Warcraft in the end we do not know how to spell will be added , just to know what skills will be removed - the skull banners did not, did a lot of control technology , treatment mechanism will be substantially modified - players mobile treatment capacity is greatly weakened. So theoretically, raid itself will change because of the many changes and current players to experience high damage , high mobility combat design philosophy may no longer be passed along.

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  What specific changes ? I am not a designer. If I were , I would certainly have a mind-boggling . Below I copy from a common RAID perspective of the players and speculation. Blizzard in the end what you try ? Next Warcraft expansion Delano of a king , the raid will be what changes occur ?

  Certainly still have not stepped on fire. Since the first day of the release of World of Warcraft , Blizzard will instill in to their users , "Do not stand in the fire ( Blackwater , poison , etc. ) in the " concept. I think this will not change. Strange things stand inside may not cause you to hang up immediately , but if standing still , then, would be dead for a while .

  Overall interrupted and control will become less . I do not mean to interrupt , or no longer have a copy of the control . With the reduction of silence and interrupt effects removal skills , a copy of the battle for interrupting requirements should also declined. Control skills is also true - if the players still need to control the mobs , then maybe they will not appear in groups .

  Spike -type skills will become less . Boss still like players emission of harmful spells and abilities ( especially for tanks ) , but " if you make a mistake immediately die ," the number of spike -type skills should be less - frequency outbreak of type of injury should have come down .

  Maneuver warfare will be more clear and smooth . Currently Warcraft BOSS battle to move some high requirements , basically the player moves all the time . Positioning requirements still exist, but it should not be so confusing as it is today . Such fighting douroum should rarely met , but it will never be BOSS war Zhan Zhuang - players can still go bit .

  Myth mode above conditions are not difficult to copy . There will be a significant upgrade compared to the difficulty of heroic mythology mode and team mode . Because a copy of the capacity up to 20 people, so Blizzard will battle may have extremely compact design , the player may upgrade to the operating requirements limit . Synergy between career ( indispensable ) , a copy of the replacement cycle may all change.

  Overall, the team a copy of the request for the players is exactly the same - to precisely control their roles, while paying attention to the environmental factors surrounding . Decreased while the number of spike skills , you may see more frequent , persistent damage is not high , but strong spell , the team 's sense of good or bad will eventually affect the outcome of the battle. Although the player's ability to move the cast has been weakened , but still moves are necessary - to stop working to moves , and then stood still magic , and then continue the pattern moves may be enabled again.

  Such changes may increase melee DPS role in the team , World of Warcraft expansion pack for the last few melee is really is not very friendly. If the remote job too much will make it difficult to fight , then the player will naturally balance the number of melee and ranged occupations copy. Changes in employment and a copy of the mechanism does help to improve the current group of 25 with only 5 melee bad situation .

  At the same time the tank DPS classes will be limited , because they are no longer able to gain revenge in the output direction , Blizzard will be defined in a tank with only 75% of the manufacturing equipment level DPS output value DPS career in the team will be increased. Also means that the team will not be based on the ability to select the output tanks, but will focus on the re- viability ( return orthodox ) . Revenge will still provide a defensive bonus ( eg warrior shield block ) .

  Finally, talk about the problem of team size changes . We will soon be able to see the impact it generates - I think the team will be less mythological level , one of which is the current number of 10 and 25 Heroic guild group is falling , and the second is a semi- casual 10 people Mission will not have the opportunity to set foot myth difficulty. Of course, there is another possibility , with the upgrading of equipment players , more and more players began to re- build a large team of 20-30 people ( the maximum number of players Normal / Heroic team amplified to 30 people ) .

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