Guide to Play Dark Knight in Final Fantasy XV

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  FFXV will released in few months, there is no doubt that it may make big chance when FFXV releases. it may have the different story line and the even different NPC as well as the surroundings. here Tcgvip will show you the guide to play Dark Knight in FFXV.

  Before we show you how to play Dark Knight, we should show you how to unlock Dark Knight. here is the way:

  Once you have completed the main story for A Realm Reborn (and presumably have at least one job at level 30 or higher), head to Ishgard and speak with the Ishgardian Citizen at (13,8) to begin the Dark Knight job quest. After a few cut scenes and a small amount of traveling around you will gain access to the Dark Knight job, starting at level 30. As soon as the quest completes you can begin the next Dark Knight job quest to obtain the Darkside ability. While you don't need this to start leveling Dark Knight, it's extremely helpful, so complete the second quest to get it out of the way now.

  The Dark Knight job are traditionally to be recognized as a DPS, it is first officially announced during the 2014 London Fan Festival. it can use his blades to make magicks.

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