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  The majority of players look forward to the new job description, and we finally met. Soul Warrior (Revenant) is the "battle 2" ninth career first information on the film, the style is very unique, his appearance will completely subvert you think of the new profession. Today will be mainly to introduce Warrior Soul treatment capacity.

  Staff mentioned, most people think of the caster standing in the distance cast powerful spells screen. But Soul Warrior is an unusual way of occupation, such as introduced before he can Juchui as long-range weapons to use. Warrior Soul will now become a "battle 2" as the first of the Staff melee weapon profession.

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  Soul Warrior will fog infusion of energy weapons to launch attacks inside the wand, mixed martial arts and magic are two ways to support allies. The main purpose of this attack is not directly harm, but to prevent harm. Let us look at two specific skills.

  1, rejuvenation assault: "hacking around with the staff of the enemy, creating a therapeutic effect sphere for you and your allies."

  This skill is the third batter automated attacks. When you hit the enemy with the skills, energy debris to fly into the target side. You will be able to recover the value of life when a small amount and allies through these energy balls. This mechanism encourage you to attack around the target collecting therapy sphere, so to generate more interaction between you and your allies. Access to treatment by the attack.

  2, fog surging: "rushing forward, on the path to repel the enemy."

  When you use this skill, you will hold the wand toward the front of the enemy to your side or front of the back. Wen Tarifa will use this control skills off enemies from allies around the injury.
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  Now let me bring you news of Guild Wars 2.

  Since Guild Wars 2 for sale,there are many problems such as hacking. The hacking severe damage to the benefits of players who into the game through normal means. Recently,Guild Wars 2 development company large-scale closure account and the game and will be suspended.

  In order to provide players a fair gaming environment, the official has taken action for who take advantage of loopholes in the game in temporarily or permanently suspended their accounts

  According to official information, there are already more than 3,000 accounts were permanently suspended, In addition, there are more than 1,000 accounts to be suspended 72 hours of punishment.

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