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  World of Warcraft U.S. service role is now open 90 helicopter service, players can pre-order information Delano king piece of the game by or through the mall to pay for the service. After several tests, we summarize some important information, including some of the players likely to be ignored practical tips. Rose 90 fastest players how to upgrade their equipment? A lot of people should have discovered, S15 season 522 level PVP equipment is the best choice for the new role, where they can be qualified for most of the PVE, PVP certainly applies to the battle, more importantly, the players do not need to completely PVP activities you can get them.

  World of Warcraft role helicopter 90 service description document has been written very clearly, but I think I may still have players missing this message, if you have a level 60 or above roles, you can at the helicopter 90 At the same time enhance the professional skills to 600 points. If you want to try a new role, most cost-effective than the first level of his hand reaches 60 or more.

  For those who already have more than 60 role players, make sure you're using a helicopter before 90 features, carefully consider and learn professional skills. Otherwise, the system will automatically select the professional skills for your career according to the type of player character armor. (United States serving: If you discover after the completion of a professional helicopter wrong, then you have to modify them to submit TICKET We are not sure whether GM will help you on this issue.)

  Currently, the new players will rise to 90 directly transferred to the eternal Island. Blizzard has revealed that it is to be modified, then the player will be transferred to the temple belongs to their camp (Alliance of Seven Hall, tribes bimonthly temple).

  We plan to helicopter 90 Place of birth changed roles in the temple belong to their respective camps, but for now, if you choose a PVP server, you still need to be prepared. Although the guards got around BUFF online in recent amendment, but it still has hordes of players born abusing point, especially some coins being FARM blood incense Party. Fortunately, you will find yourself in the backpack furnace slag, furnace slag location is the temple of their respective camps. So if you find yourself being attacked, trying to flee the area and hearth. I hope Blizzard said amendments could come online as soon as possible.

  We also found a strange BUG, if your character originally activated the vice specialization, will not in helicopter after learning your choice of specialization. So before the helicopters, hope that all players can check over again his talent panel, ensure that role in the correct specialization before using this feature. In addition, for those who ascend above level 60 players for the role of, if you chose to create professional, after arriving in a level 90 you will find in the role, almost without any formula in the professional. Because the helicopter service does not include formula of learning. Blizzard has yet to comment at present, we don't know what this is a BUG or how it should be. But harmless, go directly to the professional trainer to learn what you need formula is ok. For enchant and jewelry processing, learning all formula takes about 1300 gold COINS, so my personal advice players just learning formula can be used by the highest level need. The same to the end, mages portal will not automatically learn to. You need to visit downtown portal trainers to learn these skills. At the same time you also no glyphs, and no prestige, before starting the game, you'd better ready for these items.

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  The first thing you need to do is upgrade their equipment. We first start from eternity island, and then honor points. Why should brush honor it? Because honor points can be exchanged for 522 levels of equipment, they are more like than random property and equipment eternal island. At the same time, you do not need to PVP activities to get them unless you like to fight!

  Level 483 for the acquisition of equipment and other leisure activities is sufficient, but if you want a more powerful equipment, first of all, you need to be careful and cautious return to eternal Island. Try to avoid the monsters, and then open the chest. Click here to read before we release the eternal island location maps chest and chest circumference often get Raiders. In this process, you may be killed several times, but finish in the chest after all, the role of the equipment should have been raised to the level of 496, and also has gained an immortal responsibility, you can use it to a single piece of equipment the level increased to 535.

  After that, back to the temple, took two tasks conferred NPC outside the building. From the task "Meet the Scout" Start, and then complete a series of tasks to open the regional daily Qassam lang. Bases in the enemy camp, refreshed three different rare elite, elite will kill any rare reward 275 honor points - if you use guild banners, awards honor points will be raised to a maximum of 312 points - players can get a rare honor points in various elite body every day. You can team up with other players to kill them with the area together.

  After the kill rare elite, you can go to the west coast near the northern highlands camp anyway fortress located mantis. Here you will receive the camp Raytheon Island starting tasks. Players need to complete four single scenes campaign to open Raytheon Island PVP daily, every day you can get 577 or 656 honor points through these daily tasks, depending on whether you have a guild banners. So down, you can get a day of honor points to reach around 1400 points. It is worth mentioning that the task of Grizzly Hills will honor award nearly 200 points a day, do not bother the players can be made??.


  PVP is not performed in the activity of a single character can be obtained at a daily honor points around 1600. If you want to improve speed, especially those who want to catch up with their friends as soon as players can brush BOSS heroic dungeons, and exchange honor points with Justice Points in Stormwind and Orgrimmar merchant. Still does not require PVP Oh!

  It is worth mentioning that the weapons are the most critical of all equipment, new weapons can greatly enhance the role of strength. The island of eternal price for single-handed weapon 10000 eternal coinage, coinage hands 20000 eternal, but only six in order to improve the collection and other equipment away eternal Mint is not cost effective. 522 grade honor weapon should be your best choice, but with limited access to these weapons conditions, players need to get this season over 7250 honor points to buy them. Fortunately, the deputy unlimited, once you have a 1250 honors, it can update its own deputy.

  Players can also get equipment from a number of other ways. Mission "The Last Emperor Way" award 502 shoes. After a certain amount of courage to get points, players can also raid the camp from the radiator to the conversion price of 825 522 point level of courage necklace. And do not forget the first floor of the temple weekly to exchange war cast mark the completion of the above process and you should have collected a sufficient number of tasks required to secondary Lucky Charm. Weekly timeless island gods kill BOSS when to use them right, there is a chance to get 550 levels of equipment.

  After the equipment level increases, you can do more things. If you intend to enter the raid, I suggest that you start Panda mystery legends level tasks. I have summarized above is the role of the upgrading of equipment after reaching 90 fastest, smallest process Raiders random factors, nothing more, if the player wants to leisurely wander in Azeroth, explore the world, and adventures Learn the story of Warcraft, such an approach is not appropriate.

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