Latest Information About FFXV Collector's Editions

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  As we all know, there are three editions of the upcoming FFXV: the Standard Edition, the Deluxe Edition, and the Ultimate Collector’s Edition – a $269.99 edition with only 30,000 units available. it is quite attractive for FFXV fans. even though it is expensive to some extent.

  It is said that Square Enix will produce more Final Fantasy XV collector's editions, in order to satisfy fans's demand. they also express that the new FFXV collector's editions will go up for preorder last month. it's really a good news that they have officaially decided to do that.

  However, Square Enix also show that they can not guarantee that these new units--which will be offered globally--will make it out in time for launch on September 30.

  Here is the source text from Square Enix:

  “Good news! We will be producing more #FFXV Ultimate Collector’s Editions which will be available worldwide! Due to factors outside of our control though – there is a chance these new UCEs may not be ready by Sep 30 (the #FFXV release date). We’ll do our best to make sure the new UCEs are not delayed though & we’ll let you know how you can order one from the 2nd batch soon.”

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