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  Patch 6.2, Warlords of Draenor’s second major patch, goes live on June 23rd for the US, and June 24th for the EU. The Tcgvip team has compiled a list of our most useful guides and content to help you build your Shipyard, raid Hellfire Citadel, find the treasures in Tanaan Jungle, and more!

  patch 6.2 wow items

  1.Patch 6.2 is a much larger patch than 6.1, with a new raid zone, outdoor exploration, and the Shipyard for your Garrison.

  2.The Shipyard unlocks Tanaan Jungle and allows you to build Ships which can go on Naval Missions.

  3.Hellfire Citadel is a new raid with 13 bosses. There are class-specific trinkets from Archimonde, and the loot ilvl increases as you progress further through the instance.

  4.Tanaan Jungle is an outdoor lvl 100 area. There are tons of treasures and rare spawns, as well as ways to gear up easily.

  5.Flying is coming to Draenor in an upcoming patch, and you can get the requirements for it done now in Draenor Pathfinder.

  6.There are ilvl 735 legendary rings, with powerful group-wide effects for all specs.

  7.6.2 has 26 new pets, 20 mounts, 18 new toys, and new heirlooms including Intellect Plate.

  8.Mythic Dungeons are a new difficulty for players who enjoy small challenges, and Timewalking Dungeons let players run old instances with scaled-down gear.

  9.There are seven weekend bonus events that each provide a perk for participating in a different type of content.

  10.The Adventure Journal is a new "Front Page" for the Dungeon Journal, suggesting several types of content you can do based on your level and achievements.

  Yesterday , World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, the fourth expansion for the hit MMO, as we know before, bringing with it a higher level cap, a new character class and a new race — pretty much catnip to lapsed WoW players.

  The new race of giant Panda-like warriors live on a previously inaccessible island, and unlike other races in the game, they aren't aligned with the Alliance or the Horde right off the bat. Instead, Pandarens remain faction-neutral for their first 10 levels, letting players explore both sides.

  The expansion also includes a host of new gameplay elements designed to give players even more ways to enjoy the game, including scenarios - a flexible new kind of cooperative PvE trial; challenge modes, which offer high-prestige rewards for mastering Mists of Pandaria's 5-player dungeons; and an all-new pet battle system.

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