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  6.0 World of Warcraft players are most concerned about expansion focused answers.

  1: Delano's king will open new career it?

  Blizzard did not announce any new job, while a statement, "this expansion will not have any new hero appears." While before someone because Blizzard uses the "hero" of this wording is also hopeful, but now all the indications, it seems the developers do not intend to add any new 6.0 Data film career.

  2: This is the last piece of information in the world of Warcraft it?

  This is not the last piece of information, the king of the end of the piece of content will be the player to lead the Delano's next expansion to World of Warcraft. It seems there are many teams and players who want to share stories.

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  3: Wang Fasheng piece of information in Delano where?

  You can see in the picture above Orc's hometown - Delano. In the expansion pack, Blizzard this continent was completely rebuilt, and players will come across time to experience historical events that have occurred in the world of Warcraft. After the release of the patch, players will go and explore Netherstorm, but this area early in the piece of information released will not open.

  4: Specific services include helicopter 90 what?

  After the pre-expansion players, you can choose one of the following account of the role of helicopters to 90. You can choose the role of a level, they do not immediately make a decision. Before Blizzard said "starting map before reaching the camp, a series of teaching guidelines will help new players and old players return to first become familiar with the game - like the Lich King Death Knight added that the initial area. players do not have to worry about how to get started, Blizzard commitment to these roles will provide an appropriate set of equipment (as well as other help) if you are worried about the "bite" to the 90 players do not know how to use their professional (perhaps because of the technology has been too long without playing rusty), Blizzard said that the current field trials feature will "help in a single environment in which players learn how to copy tanks, treatment and damage output, easing the difficulty curve to get started let these players faster and more efficiently prepare involved in the fighting, but this feature will be very interesting.

  5: How to reach the full level 100 reward?

  Blizzard explained in the carnival from 91 to 100 in the process, the role of each level will get a core of permanent bonus spells and abilities (eg Fire may get Pyroblast damage or +50% Bonus burning +30% damage bonus). When a player reaches 100 when will unlock a new layer of talent, each job can choose one of three different skills.

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  6: What will be the role of appearance change?

  The figure above shows the reconstruction after the dwarf role modeling, Blizzard revealed in the carnival, role modeling reconstruction work is still in progress, we do not know when there will be formally launched in the piece of information which race has been completed, but our target is on the line when the piece of information and subsequent updates, the renovation of the original World of Warcraft in all eight races, as well as adding the Draenei and blood Elves.

  7: What is the fortress system?

  In the king's fortress system Delano private fortress players, you can customize the layout, styling and its impact on the game experience. You can set the same camp friends, inviting them to visit your base and exchange resources, which is a non-entity of the area, so when you hover over Draenor, but also to see you in the distance fortress. Followers are an important part of the fortress system: Players will be able to collect followers, but you can also put them out to complete the assigned tasks - such as construction projects or collect resources, whether the player is online, these followers will ground Ken diligent, work. Through these tasks, players can simultaneously collect the necessary materials and fortress dedicated professional resources. Figuratively, if you let go of a mining followers, you will reap the ore, but also harvest mining stone, which is a material of construction and building upgrades necessary. If the player wants to "move", there is no problem. Players will be able to move their fortress, the fortress of the building consists of three levels.

  8: Inventory changes in the end what happened?

  Like the collection in the current World of Warcraft pets and mounts as soon Blizzard game will be toys, heirlooms, there may be a separate classification shirt set menu, while these items are removed from the player's backpack. These items will all become rather common account the role of exclusive, while task items will no longer occupy the player's backpack space! You can use the corresponding task props directly through task tracking system.

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