Tips for making wow gold with tailoring

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  How to make wow gold with tailoring? Maybe this is a question WOW players often asked. Most players don’t believe there is any wow gold to be made from cloth unless you’ve got the latest patterns and farm fro orbs and other materials. This is wrong. Today I will share you some tips on how to make wow gold with tailoring.

  The obvious place to start with tailoring is bags, most importantly Netherweave Bags. Check your server; compare the price of the bag to a stack of Netherweave Cloth. If the cloth is cheaper, you have a chance to make some wow gold with the bags. But bags alone aren’t enough; sure you’ll make hundreds of gold everyday with them. But what else can you do? There’s a wide variety of shirts and specialty clothing, including the rare Rich Purple Silk Shirt and the Tuxedo and Haliscan set. Additionally, there are the other shirts; some are drops from raids like Naxramas or elsewhere. And don’t forget those limited time items from holiday events like the Festival Suit from the Lunar Festival event.

  I tend to keep about three of each of these on the Auction House at a time, most of these have little to no competition which means I’m listing them around 50g each. In most cases the material costs are minimal, a few linen or wool cloth, maybe a stray handful of leather pieces here or there. The cost for making each is generally less than 10g. They don’t exactly sell like hotcakes, but the profit margins are hard to beat. Just remember to keep an eye out for the necessary materials, and stock any cheap ones you find (even in excess of what you need).

  Combine these Odds and Ends with things like PVP pieces, spell-threads, and of course the obligatory bags and you’ve got a solid earner. The best thing about tailoring, is that you don’t necessarily have to be maximum level or capped in the profession to make wow gold, as the lion’s share of your earnings will come from old patterns (mostly BC and earlier). Additionally, when coupled with Enchanting you have a source for quick and cheap materials in a pinch; Tailoring can be a versatile and dependable tool in your toolkit.

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