Tree of Savior Will Add Union PVP in Order to Punish Gold Farming

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  Tree of Savior, which short for TOS, know as Project R1, it is run by NHN finally got an officaial name, The upcoming 2.5D fantasy MMO was first announced at Hangame EX 2011 and deemed as a sequel of Ragnarok Online. Tree of Savior's developer is IMC Games, which is WolfKnights Online's as well. Tree of Savior emphasizes the interactions between players and personal gaming experience. Tcgvip is one of TOS silver store online for safety and cheap trade.

  According to the latest news about TOS, the tree of savior in US servers will add union PVP finally. it is a big news for most tree of savior players because this changes will enhance their game fun. besides to the benefit to the players, this new changes want to control the abnormal silver trade.which will effect the economic system in the game intensely. some gold farmers can make lots of silver by tools without any cost.

  There's no doubt that these gold farmers have strong impact to this game. many previous games have show this truth for us.

  As for punishing gold farming, IMC GAMES has banned 1394 accounts, these accounts are controlled by pc script. which have destoryed the balance of the game.

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